We have USPTO registered patent agent and attorneys and/or former patent examiners.

We have full or advanced EE degrees and Industry experience.

Patent work will be performed by a professional with many years of experience.

Founder Richard R. Roseen Former Patent Examiner
USPTO Registered Patent Agent 48106Uspto_seal
Bachelors of Science Electronics Engineering 1983
IEEE and IEEE Computer Society member since 1984
A+ certified computer technician since 1999

* While at the USPTO

o Electrical Engineering Patent Examiner in the miscellaneous active electronic circuit class 327 and digital logic circuits 326 (inluding FPGA's and PLD's and ASIC chips found in all computers) for about 16 years.
o Examined many patent applications of the advanced kind, such as reexamination and reissue.
o Affirmed or affirmed in part in about two-thirds of the applications sent to the USPTO Board of Appeals as an examiner.
o One of the first to use personal computer at the patent office for online prior art searching and automated word processing of patent reports and forms. Programmed automated scripts in MS WORD (WORD BASIC, Visual BASIC) for action writing and creation and programmed C routines for classification sorting.
o Designed new subclass arrangements and classified US and foreign patents in the new subclasses in a major reclassification project.

* After the USPTO.

o 5 years experience as an independent patent researcher in electronics, electrical related fields, computer hardware and software and business methods.
o 2 years experience in writing patent applications as an independent contractor.
o Technical search specialties:
+ Such as: electrical, electronics, circuits, electro-mechanical, computer related hardware, computer software, electronic communications, telcom, cell phone, GUI, computer networks, Internet, encryption, comps.ression, semiconductor chips, software development, automotive electronics , encryption and business methods.

OTHER AREAS OF TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE (both during and after tenure at PTO)
o A+ Certified Service Technician. AcerC2
o IEEE Computer Society since 1983 receiving several journals.
o Computer and Software repair, upgrades and design. Computer Networks: Setup and design file and printer and Internet sharing etc. using wired and wireless media for several companies.
o Used many computer programming languages: Intel 8085, 8749, TI 9900, 9995, 99105, Motorola 68000 microprocessor assembly languages; Pascal, FORTH, BASIC, Fortran, C, Modula, high level languages, HTML, Perl CGI scripts, Arexx (REXX) scripts. For example, wrote a 9900 machine code disassembler in 9900 assembler, a fast keyboard controlled paint program in FORTH, small utilities in C, GUI design elements in C, machine control loop calculations in Modula, designed layout and graphics and edited content on six web sites using HTML and CGI (Perl) scripts and using animation and paint programs.
o Used Nonlinear Digital Video/Audio editing on Amiga and MAC G4 personal computer for weddings, fashion shows etc. Learned and handled both the technical and creative problems. Communicated cost and creative aspects with customers.

Our Search and Application writing and prosecution specialties include the fields of electronics,
electronic circuits (logic, amplifier, tuners, detectors, comparators), communications, computers, software, business methods, etc.


We are located near the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Virginia U.S.A. to provide the best resources provided by USPTO

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